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Two socks

September 5, 2011

Two white socks.  They’re finally off and I feel so much better.  I wiggle my toes in delight.  You know how that feels?  Ahhh!

I planned to use them, both socks, inside of shoes, but that didn’t happen.  A friend got busy.  He planned on hanging out with me, seeing a movie, laughing at the brother and all of that.  Didn’t happen though, so my white socks are now in the dirty clothes hamper for no reason.  They don’t stink, but I wore them.  They need washed.

Two white socks.

Two movies.  Laughter and humor and enjoyment for the price of ten burritos at Taco Bell.  A waste of money?  Sure, but I was willing to do it.

Instead, alternate plans, to pick up movies and watch them at home.  A dollar spent.  Cheap.

Was that time travel?  Or not?  Into the past, try to change things, learn from previous trips, do something different, save the world.  Impossible.

I love movies that carry me along, filling in the information as I go, and then surprising me in the end with something I didn’t expect.  I knew that there was no way for the movie to end happily.  I just knew, because he died.  His trips weren’t real.  Sad ending and roll the credits.  But, nope, that didn’t happen, because everyone had it all wrong, including me.  Well, not him.  He knew.

Two movies.

Two friends.  Boy and girl.  Old and older.  Housemates from different times in the past.  If I traveled back in time and had eight minutes to change something, to learn about something, what would it be?  Which moment would I return to?

One hung out with me, cooked dinner that was ever so delightful, and laughed.  The movie? she played on her phone during the first movie, and fell asleep in the second, tired from a day, and many days, of work.   The other planned on hanging out, but didn’t.

Two friends.



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