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September 6, 2011

Imagine never doubting again, being so certain of a thing that you are one hundred percent sure of it.

What fits into this category?  I think and wonder, for me.  Hmmm.  Let’s see.  I know that I’m alive, not dead, not a ghost, not in someone’s imagination or some thing’s.  I exist, both here and now.  Why do I know it, am so darn sure of this and that?  I can feel pain, and pleasure.  My body hurts from too much exercise, or injuries that bug me in my mid forties.  I feel this keyboard under my fingertips.  And the sound coming from the tv, a movie I picked up, is real.  I miss my mother, no longer alive, and I remember what it was like for her to be here, moving, alive, and she is no longer that.  I didn’t look, but my siblings and father did, and she was indeed dead, in a coffin, and I’m not like she is.  I move, walk about, jump, swim, bike, climb, and all those other actions that someone dead can’t do.  I know that I live.

But, what if I was wrong, am wrong?  What if I’m not really here, but a memory or thought within the mind of another being, given life because of its own thinking, not my own?  What if I’m not really here, but given substance only because another creature has imagined me?  Can I be certain of this, that this life is indeed real?  Can I be certain that this idea is false, impossible?

Doubt?  Certainty?  What do I really know for certain?


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